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Anti Vibration Mounting‎

Anti Vibration Mounting‎
Anti Vibration Mounting‎
Product Code : AVM 13
Brand Name : KASTURI
Product Description

Anti Vibration Mounting‎

KASTURI owes its high rate of consumer satisfaction to the fact that it is highly compatible upgraded Generating and pump sets. Diesel electric and Diesel hydraulic, Locomotives, Grinders, Fans, Blowers, Compressors, Mining Machinery, Textile machinery, Larger Instrument panel, Metrology equipment and heavy electronic installations Marine Engines, food   processing machinery etc. Any light weight four cycle  high speed diesel engine in general  use, can feel safe with KASTURI.

With less than 1079.5 mm in height when under load, the KASTURI Series ES is a compact unit taking up little room in relation to its capacity. The vertical deflection of 6.35 mm. under a load of 1135 kg provides sufficient flexibility to isolate vibration from the type of engine for which the mounting has been designed.

Also shunting shock load up to 5g can be accomodated.

The KASTURI ES plus points include an adjustable buffer which keeps engine movement in all direction within desirable limits.

KASTURI   is particularly friendly towards diesel electric and diesel hydraulic locomotives. For the former, a 6 point mounting system is sometimes needed because of the additional weight of the generator.  The diesel hydraulic however, has to employ a four point mounting arrangement in diesel hydraulic locomotive, torque reaction forces have to be considered in designing engine mountings. The vertical stiffness of the KASTURI Series ES is such, that the buffer does not come into operation under these forces.

The KASTURI Series ES gives different deflection in transverse and fore and aft direction

The ratios of transverse vertical and  longitudinal stiffness and in the order of and have been carefully selected  to give the best results. The mounting is fitted so that it is stiffest in a direction parallel with the crankshaft centre line and the maximum flexibility is available transversely to cope with engine vibration occurring in this direction.

The company has also the capacity to develope  tailor made mounting to suit specific needs.


The load Bearing Range per mounting for three popular series are:



85-350 kg



315-1650 kg



425-1557 kg

The  Mounting works in vertical transverse and longitudinal directions with variable stiffner deflections.


  • No elaborate and expensive civic foundation. Minimizes input force to the foundation which works  as vibration device.
  • No deterioration even after many years of service.
  • Avoids problems due to oil leakage and spillage from the equipment.
  • Best scientific system to replace foundations lined with felt pads, cork pads etc.
  • Increases life of machine due to the protection device which help avoid damage when in service.
  • Reduce noise as well as physical and mental  strain on operators.